Valley of Colors in Baguio: A Quick Guide (2019)

Captivating colors, cold breeze, pine trees, and up and down roads. There is so much more to expect going up north to Baguio City. One of these is the “StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork” famously known as Valley of Colors. We visited this once boring and now colorful village to see its majestic beauty. Here’s our experience and travel guide to Valley of Colors. (Post Updated: September 17, 2019)

Photo of valley of colors - stobosa in Baguio city

How to get to the Valley of Colors

The Valley of Colors is actually located along Halsema Highway in La Trinidad, Benguet. It’s a few kilometers away from Baguio City and travel time from Manila to Benguet is estimated from 4-5 hours depending on departure time. The following are the options on how to go to La Trinidad Benguet from Baguio City:

  • Private Car –Waze up Valley of Colors Baguio as the location you’re heading to. The welcome arch of La Trinidad is the landmark that you are near. After a few meters, the colorful houses will be at your right side. Travel time is more or less 30 minutes
  • Taxi – This is the best way to get there. Prepare around PHP 100.00 for the fare.
  • Jeepney: Go to La Trinidad Jeepney Terminal station. Ask for the jeepney route passing by the “Valley of Colors”. Pay the amount of PHP 9.00 for the fare.

About the Place

The Meaning of Stobosa

“StoBoSa” is usually mistaken as the name of the place or barangay where Valley of Colors can be found. It is actually an abridged term for 3 localities namely Stonehill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap. All of them are situated in Barangay Balili at La Trinidad, Benguet.

The Artwork: Valley of Colors

It is a massive canvas made from houses on a hillside in Benguet; an attractive project made by Department of Tourism – CAR, in cooperation with the residents and artists of Tam-Awan Village.

Photo of Stobosa Hillside Community

The Valley of Colors never failed to amaze the happy kid in me. Even though that it was completed more than a year ago, it still shows the beauty of an artwork in big sizes.

There are two spots we recommend for you to view the StoBoSa Artwork up-close. The first is the waiting shed which also serve as the drop off point. The other one is the hanging bridge connecting to the colorful houses. In this position, you can take time on capturing photos and videos which are totally instagrammable.

Another Viewing Option: Sitio Upper Cogcoga

We discovered a not-so-popular place around the area which provides a different perspective of the gigantic mural.

Photo of sitio upper cogcoga

We climbed the Sitio Cogcoga Stairway located just across the Valley of Colors. This pathway is made for the local residents of Sitio Cogcoga. Here, you’ll see an astonishing perspective of the hillside community offering vibrant charm of colorful houses.

Photo of sitio cogcoga stairway

Photo of a sunflower in baguio city

The place is rich in foliage like this sunflower which relieves your exhaustion from the climb. They are ubiquitous since Stobosa depicts the image of sunflower in it.

Photo of Valley of Colors from Sitio Upper Cogcoga in La Trinidad, Benguet

From this point of view, the chromatic houses are more visible. It may not show the sunflower, but to see the hues of the hill is truly satisfying. If you are allured by the photos online and decided to go here, then try this view deck!

Photo of Sitio Upper Cogcoga in La Trinidad, Benguet

Always remember, keep your trash disposed on proper bins. The residents are dedicated in preserving the area for all of us to enjoy the place.

In Summary

The Valley of Colors in Baguio is a definite example of “bayanihan” spirit of Filipinos. All the locals’ efforts and sacrifices make it more vibrant complimented by the paint visible in the eye.

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