Binalayan Falls: A Hidden Adventure in Samboan, Cebu

The Binalayan Falls, also known as the Hidden Falls, is a concealed gem waiting to be explored. It boasts a thrilling 30 to 45-foot cliff jump perfect for adventure-seekers. This place is easy to get to and a must-have to your waterfall chasing activity in Southern Cebu. Without further ado, here’s our travel guide and experience in Binalayan Falls. (Post Updated: November 11, 2020)

New Normal Guidelines and Updates in Binalayan Falls

As of November 11, 2020, Binalayan Falls is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic as per the Cebu Provincial Tourism. The whole Cebu island is open only for local residents and there are only a few tourist spots that are open. Please visit Cebu’s centralized booking site ( and find out the currently open tourist attractions in the island.

For now, feel free to read and save this post for future reference.

Binalayan Falls Location

This beautiful waterfall is located in Barangay Bonbon, Samboan, Cebu. You will find a lot of amazing falls at the southern part of this province, so visiting the Binalayan Falls is a must for every traveler out there.

Photo of Binalayan Falls in Samboan Cebu Philippines

The Hidden Falls

The locals also refer this place as the “Hidden Falls” because of its unique structure. Binalayan Falls has two levels and visitors must climb the first level in order to see its hidden glory, thus the moniker “Hidden Falls.” Other locals also call this place the “Triple Drop Falls” because of its iconic three separate streams spilling over the plunge pool.

As time goes by, the flowing water forms an undercutting in its soft rock creating rock formations and small chambers. These chambers are a perfect spot for cliff jumping. The plunge pool of Binalayan Falls is 9 feet in depth with cool waters overflowing into the river.

How to get to Binalayan Falls

This place is easy to get to! It’s only a few kilometers away from Aguinid Falls which is also in Samboan, Cebu. Here are ways to visit this waterfall.

From Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu

If you just finished your adventure in Aguinid Falls, then you can take a tricycle ride from Aguinid going to Binalayan Falls. There are tricycle drivers waiting outside the entrance of Aguinid Falls and the fare only costs PHP 10 (USD 0.2) each person.

From Cebu City

If you’re coming from the metro and you want to go straight to Binalayan Falls, then you must take a bus in South Bus Terminal. Take the bus going to Samboan and inform the driver that you will alight in Barangay Bonbon. Available buses with this route includes Sunrays and Ceres Bus Liner.

Photo of Binalayan Falls in Samboan Cebu

Entrance Fee and What to Expect

Once you arrive at the entrance of Binalayan Falls, you will pay an entrance fee of PHP 40 (USD 0.8) and a tour guide will assist you going to the tourist attraction. You need to hike at least 800 meters going to the waterfall and it should only take 15 minutes.

Binalayan Falls Entrance Fee PHP 40 (USD 0.8) per person
Tour Guide Fee Varies
Hiking Length and Time 800 meters from the entrance (15 minutes)

When we visited this place, our tour guide told us that there’s still no available ordinance to standardized the rates of every tour guide in the area. It’s up to us how much we will give. We’ll let you know how much we gave to our tour guide at the end of this post. On the other hand, the fund collected for the entrance fee is used for the improvement and preservation of the area.

Best Day and Time to Visit

We recommend visiting the Binalayan Falls on the summer months in the Philippines. Summer runs from March to May every year. Avoid visiting this place during the typhoon or rainy season (August to November) due to high water levels which is unsafe for travelers.

Photo of travelers hiking in Samboan Cebu

What to Bring and Safety Tips

If you brought your bags, then you can store them in the available safe house at the entrance of Binalayan Falls. The local guides will take care of your belongings, but I suggest you bring a travel lock to secure your bags for safety. Here are other tips that you need to know:

  • First of all, bring extra clothes. You will never be able to fully enjoy your experience in Binalayan Falls without dipping in its cool plunge pool. You can change clothes and take a shower after the activity in the safe house at the entrance.
  • Put your valuables in a small waterproof bag. Like what I said earlier, you can put your big travel bags in the safe house. But I suggest not to leave your valuables such as your wallets and cell phones. Put these things inside a small waterproof bag and bring them with you.
  • Bring your camera! Never ever forget to take pictures!
  • Bring lots of courage! Okay. If you really want to do cliff jumping, then go for it. I think this will put a cherry on top of your Binalayan Hidden Falls Mini Adventure. I find the plunge pool of Binalayan Falls a bit tight and small. Although the pool is 9-feet deep, you must still take precautions whenever you want to jump.
  • Lastly, bring a first aid kit. I think this is self-explanatory. You’ll never know when you will use this handy kit. Stack it up with band-aids, povidone iodine, gauze, and tape.

Our Experience in Binalayan Falls

After our adventure in Aguinid Falls, we took a tricycle going to Binalayan Hidden Falls. The location is only a few kilometers away from Aguinid and travel time took less than 10 minutes. Kuya Dave, our tour guide, greeted us when we arrived at the entrance. After which, we paid the entrance fee and secured our bags at the safe house.

Photo during the hike going to the waterfalls
Photo captured during the 15-minute hike going to the waterfalls.

Going to the actual falls takes around 15 minutes and it is found in the middle of a forest. Along the hike, we crossed streams and big rocks which populated the area.

Photo of people playing around in nature.
A natural playground perfect for the young at heart.

After 15 minutes, we finally saw this small pond with the first level of the waterfalls in the background. My friends also tried playing the tire swing like children enjoying a natural playground. While we are hiking, Kuya Dave also encouraged me to try cliff jumping once we arrived at the falls. I was hesitant at first because of my fear of heights, but I just replied with an unsure “ok.”

Photo of Binalayan Falls in Samboan Cebu
These ladies are brave! They are readying for their jump into the cold plunge pool.

The Grandiose Triple Drop Falls

After passing the first level of the waterfalls, we finally encountered the marvelous Binalayan Falls. I immediately noticed the three drops of the falls making its iconic structure. At the same time, I also saw two female travelers preparing for their jump at the cliff. “Tignan mo kuya, tatalon sila.” (Look sir, they will jump) Kuya Dave teased. After that, the two ladies jumped and their friends roared in applause. My jaw dropped when these ladies jumped without any fear or hesitation. I look back to Kuya Dave and said “Let’s do this!”

Photo of travelers climbing the Binalayan Falls
Kuya Dave and I climbing the waterfall.

Cliff Jumping at Binalayan Falls

There are different spots where you can do a cliff jump in this waterfall. The most common is in the left side which offers a jump for 20 and 30 feet. Kuya Dave climbed to the 30-ft spot while I was on the 20-ft position. He then instructed me to jump in the middle of the plunge pool to prevent hitting the hard rocks surrounding it. Looking at the pool makes me feel more scared because of its confined and limited space. I was afraid I might hit the sides and injure myself. Nevertheless, Kuya Dave and I jumped.

Photo of a traveler doing cliff jumping
And I jumped!!!

The experience was exhilarating! I immediately felt the extreme cold water when I hit the pool. When I finally rose and threaded the water, the other visitors were applauding me. I swam towards Kuya Dave and we gave each other a high five! After this, my friends also tried cliff jumping too.

Photo of a woman cliff jumping a waterfall
My very brave friend Rizaly jumping without any hesitation. Ikaw na!

We also tried jumping from a small formed cave behind the waterfall. This one is only 15 feet high, but climbing this cavern is more difficult than the other.

Photo of a traveler inside a cavern in Binalayan Falls Samboan Cebu
My friend Rizaly posing for the camera after climbing the small cavern of the falls.

Wrap Up

Kuya Dave is right, jumping in this waterfall is the cherry on top of this mini-adventure. Without his encouragement and enthusiasm, we will not be able to experience the best in this place. It turns out, our guide really wants the best for us. We’re just travelers passing by and we must spend the most out of it. At the end, we gave Kuya Dave PHP 300 (USD 6) for the guiding fee. I know this sounds a bit much, but this money also signifies our gratitude for his great service.

Photo of our tour guide in Samboan Cebu
Photo taken after the jump with Kuya Dave. Look for him when you visit the Binalayan Falls.

Our visit in Binalayan Falls is truly worth it. We recommend including this place to your Southern Cebu Adventure. You will surely love the thrilling adventure it has to offer.

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