Experience Cordilleran Cuisine at Farmers Daughter Baguio

If you want to experience genuine Cordilleran Cuisine, then head on to Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant in Baguio City. This humble restaurant is located just besides Tam-Awan Village. Check out our experience and review of the Farmers Daughter Baguio. (Post Updated: May 14, 2019)

Photo of Farmers Daughter Baguio, a restaurant

Real Cordilleran Vibe

Farmer’s Daughter Baguio is designed with thick thatches similar to the indigenous Nipa huts in Cordillera. It is primarily made out of wood and embellished with different foliage which gives the restaurant a homey and rustic vibe.

Photo inside Farmers Daughter Baguio

The restaurant is also decorated with different woodwork and furniture; displaying exquisite Cordilleran art. The interior of Farmer’s Daughter Baguio is cool and comforting because of the steeply pitched roofing.

Authentic Cordilleran Cuisine

Farmers Daughter Baguio offers large servings of pure Cordilleran cuisine like smoked beef, pork, and chicken, at an affordable price. Each meal is partnered with generous amount of vegetables; you will never fall short of various greens in every dish.

Photo of chicken pinikpikan in Farmers daughter Baguio

This is Chicken Pinikpikan, an example of a delicious Cordilleran Dish.

During our visit, we tried their chicken pinikpikan; a form of native dish carried out by repetitively beating a live chicken with a stick until it’s dead. The bruised meat gives it distinct flavor, making chicken pinikpikan unique.

Photo of chicken pinikpikan in Farmers daughter Baguio

Farmers Daughter Baguio also serves a common delicacy in Sagada known as etag. It’s a smoked pork cured with salt and it can be partnered with the chicken pinikpikan which gives a fusion of both salty and bitter.

Photo inside the restaurant

Our short stay in Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant was enjoyable. With huge servings and affordable price, including this place on your food trip list is surely worth it.

Farmer’s Daughter Baguio

Quick Details

Address: Long Long, Benguet Rd, Awan Village, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines, 2601

Hours: Everyday from 9AM to 8PM (Sundays: 9AM to 3PM)

Contact Number: +63 74 428 1253

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farmersdaughterofficial/

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