About Us

“Lost and Wonder” is a lifestyle blog designed to help and inspire people to move forward. We cover travel, photography, tech gear, lifestyle, fitness, career, and personal growth. We designed this blog to help and inspire people to move forward.

Photo taken at Blue Lakes, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA.


This site started as a travel-focused blog, and our content has helped more than 400,000 travelers worldwide since January of 2018. However, with the impact of the pandemic and personal challenges, we decided to shift the focus of our blog to lifestyle with a clear purpose of helping others move forward.

Lost and Wonder is currently recognized as one of the top male blogs in the Philippines as of November 2021.


Our “moving forward” philosophy is about progress, embracing change, seeking new heights, and opening new horizons. We believe this philosophy can guide us in achieving our big goals in life, even with the smallest steps.


We believe that education brings a brighter future for everyone. Thus, a portion of our earnings in this blog is donated to our scholars at Real Life Foundation Philippines.

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Blaine Lucero

Content Creator / Video Editor / Website Manager

I’m a full-time oncology nurse and a full-time graduate student living in the United States. I have a great passion for photography, music, travel, and tech.

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Leo Ceasar

Content Creator / Photographer / Photo Editor

I’m a banker and a moderator of a scooter community in the Philippines. I make content about the things I love like photography, travel, career and finance, and day-to-day adventures in Manila.