About Us

Lost and Wonder is a travel and lifestyle blog that originated in the beautiful islands of the Philippines. We aim to provide helpful travel guides, inspiration for your next adventure.

Photo taken at Lion’s Head in Baguio City, Philippines.


This site started as a travel-focused blog in 2018, and our content has helped more than 650,000 travelers worldwide (as of January 3, 2024). However, our blog went into hiatus with the impact of the 2020 pandemic and personal challenges.

We resumed blogging in 2023 and rediscovered our passion for documenting our life and travels.

Lost and Wonder is recognized as one of the top male blogs in the Philippines, and our content creators reside in the Philippines and the United States.


Our “keep moving forward” philosophy is about progress, embracing change, seeking new heights, and opening new horizons. We believe this philosophy can guide us in achieving our big goals in life, even with the smallest steps.


We believe that education brings a brighter future for everyone. Thus, ten percent of our earnings on this blog are donated to our scholars at Real Life Foundation Philippines.

Photo of LeoWonderer 2023

Leo Ceasar

Content Creator – Philippines

I’m a banker and a moderator of a scooter community in the Philippines. I make content about the things I love, like photography, travel, career and finance, and day-to-day adventures in Manila.

Photo of Lost and Wonder Author Blaine

Blaine Lucero

Content Creator – USA

I’m an oncology nurse and educator working in the United States. I am passionate about photography, music, travel, and tech. I also have a tech/filmmaking YouTube Channel.