Real Quezon: Surfing Haven for less than ₱1000


Surfing is one of the best things to do in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a nearby surf spot from Manila, then Real Quezon is a great option for you. Just 3 hours away from the metro, this coastal municipality offers huge waves and swells perfect for surfing without breaking the bank. (Post Updated: November 2, 2020)

New Normal Guidelines and Updates in Quezon Province

As of November 2, 2020, all resorts (including Pacific Recreation Kamp aka The PaRK) in Real Quezon are currently closed due to the pandemic. Feel free to read this post and save it for future reference.

Tignoan Beach, Reál, Quezon

One of the nearest and cheapest surfing spot available is the Tignoan Beach in Reál, Quezon. Only 3-4 hours away from Manila, you can now enjoy surfing even on a tight budget. We went to Pacific Recreation Kamp (aka The PaRK) Surfing Resort in Reál, Quezon and here’s our travel guide.

How to Go to Real, Quezon?

From Manila

  • Take a bus from Raymond Transportation Terminal in Legarda, Manila going to Infanta, Quezon. The Bus Station is located near Sta. Catalina College and Arellano University. If you’re coming from LRT Legarda Station, you can take a jeep going to Cubao and ask the driver to drop you off in Raymond Transportation Terminal.

  • To avoid being charged with the wrong fare, inform the staff in the ticket booth that you will alight in Tignoan, Reál, Quezon or The PaRK (Pacific Recreation Kamp) in Reál, Quezon. Bus fare from Manila going to Real, Quezon depends on the bus that you will take. (Updated: March 9, 2020)
Bus Type Fare
Ordinary Bus (No AC) PHP 191/person
AC Bus 2×2 (4 seats per row) PHP 240/person
AC Bus 2×3 (5 seats per row) PHP 228/person
  • It is advisable to depart from Manila by 0400H especially if you’re having a day tour. This will avoid traffic from the rush hour of the city. Check our sample itinerary at the end of this post.

With Private Vehicles

  • I recommend using either Waze or Google Maps app on your smartphone for navigation. An internet connection is required though in using these mobile applications.

The PaRK Real, Quezon Review and Experience

Pacific Recreation Kamp (aka The PaRK) is a surfing resort located in Km. 115, Brgy. Tignoan, Reál, Quezon and it is a perfect place for campers and surfers. We visited this resort on Easter Sunday of April 2017, and there were so many campers who stayed in this place overnight.

Photo of the entrance in Pacific Recreation Kamp in Real Quezon

About the Resort

The place is clean and modest plus the people around are accommodating. The perimeter designated for camping is covered with green grass and surrounded with tall trees.

Inside Pacific Recreation Kamp in Real Quezon

There are available grilling areas in the perimeter perfect for cooking barbeques. Grill racks are also available in the resort but you have to bring your own charcoal. A few meters away from the camping site is the Tignoan Beach, the sand is grey in color, coarse and rocky. There’s a river exiting to the beach on the right side of the resort  which offers a beautiful scenery of hills and coconut trees.

The Park Real Quezon – Accommodation and Rates

Pacific Recreation Kamp offers comparable prices to the popular Reál Coast Surf Resort. If you opt for a day trip with limited budget then Pacific Recreation Kamp is the right place for you. Here are their entrance fees and available accommodations: (updated as of March 9, 2020) (Conversion of USD 1 = PHP 50)

Adult ₱50 ($1.00) ₱70/Night ($1.40)
Kids ₱40 ($0.80) ₱60/Night ($1.20)
Medium (10 pax) ₱700($14) ₱1000/Night ($20)
Large (20 pax) ₱1000 ($20) ₱1500/Night ($30)
Tent Rental (with mat)

(2-3 pax)

(3-4 pax)

(4-5 pax)

₱500 ($10)/tent/night

₱700 ($14)/tent/night

₱900 ($18)/tent/night

Hammock Rental


(with mosquito net)


₱100 ($2)/hammock

₱200 ($4)/hammock

Pitching Fee (Personal Tent)


(Small: 1-2 pax)

(Medium: 3-4 pax)

(Large: 5 pax)

(Gazeebo & XL tent)


₱50 ($1)/night

₱100 ($2)/tent/night

₱150 ($3)/tent/night

₱200 ($4)/tent/night

₱250 ($5)/tent/night

Mat, Ground or Fly sheet, or Table rental only ₱100 ($2)/night

Upon entering the resort, we went straight to the store and paid for the entrance fee of ₱50 ($1) for the day trip. To save further money, we brought our own tent which can accommodate up to 4 pax and the pitching fee is only ₱100 ($2).

Inside the tent taken with GoPro in Real Quezon - The Pacific Recreation Kamp

Bath and Comfort Rooms

This is the part of the resort which needs improvement. Their common bath and comfort rooms are located at the back of the store. The shower area is separated from male and female visitors and there were times that the water supply gets depleted. Thankfully, they were able to handle the problem immediately when we informed the staff. Their comfort rooms are bearable with no flush and some door locks were broken when we visited this place.

Whenever I visit a resort or hotel, I always check their restrooms first. Its quality has a lot of impact on my impressions especially when it comes to sanitation and maintenance. Their comfort rooms were good but it could be better.

Surfing Lessons

Aside from beach bumming and bonding with friends and family, you can avail their surfing lessons for only ₱500 ($10) per hour inclusive of surfboard rental and instructor’s fee. If you already know how to surf, you can rent their surfboards for only ₱200 ($4) per hour or ₱500 ($10) for 4 hours. This is their forte and my surfing experience with them was fun and worth it.

Surfing Lessons in Real, Quezon - the PaRK, Pacific Recreation Kamp

This is my second surfing lesson (my first was in Baler, Aurora). Before the actual surf, our instructor taught us the basics like identifying the parts of the surfboard, proper care and the right way to carry it.

Surfing Lesson in Real, Quezon at the PaRK, Pacific Recreation Kamp

At the shore, our instructors taught us how to stand on the surfboard. They also showed us the proper standing position, right positioning of our feet on the board and the do’s and don’ts. We practiced the steps provided by our instructor first before heading to the beach.

What makes our surfing experience in Reál, Quezon enjoyable? It’s because of our surfing instructors who were really fun to be with. They were all supportive and they kept on reminding and coaching us consistently until we achieved the right technique.

Our Travel Vlog 001 is all about our experience here in Real, Quezon. Watch it now and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Travel Tips going to Real, Quezon

Bring your own food

If you’re planning to visit Pacific Recreation Kamp, it is advisable that you bring your own food. Don’t forget your charcoal and lighter in case you want to grill meat or cook some pork barbeques.

Grill in Real, Quezon

If you don’t have any food at all, you can buy some at the store but the price will be a little bit higher. Do not also forget to bring water for hydration!

Bring your own tent

If you want to save money, then bring your own tent – it is cheaper this way. If you don’t have any tent, you can rent one at the store for a few bucks.

Never forget your sunblock

Always have them. Some sunblocks can be expensive but it’s better to have one than say sorry later. Trust me, I’m an oncology nurse and it’s best to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Be responsible

Always throw your wastes and garbage in appropriate containers. Never ever throw your trash in open water. I believe in the power of karma and we don’t want mother nature throwing a finger at us or else we’ll be all dead.

Surfing in Real, Quezon, Philippines

Dance with the waves

I highly recommend taking their surfing lessons. Our instructors guided us properly until we get the right technique. They will even teach you how to paddle whenever you reached a certain skill level. As a beginner, I am truly satisfied on how they render their services. My friends learned how to stand up in their very first surfing lesson.

Real Quezon Day Trip Itinerary

0400H ETD from Manila to Reál, Quezon
0700H ETA in Reál, Quezon
0700H – 1200H Tent Pitching, Swim Time, Surfing Lesson, Prepare Food for Lunch
1200H – 1300H Lunch Time
1300H – 1500H Free time (Optional side tripBalagbag Falls – take a tricycle or jeep going to Balagbag Falls.
1500H Back to Resort and Wash up
1600H ETD to Manila
2000H ETA in Manila

Our Trip Expenses



Bus going to and fro Reál, Quezon

₱ 191 x 2 = ₱382

Entrance Fee and Tent Pitching

Entrance Fee: ₱ 50 per pax (Day Tour)

Tent Pitching (Medium 3-4 pax): ₱ 150 (since we were 4 pax during this trip = ₱37.5 per pax)


Surfing Lesson

Food We brought our own food = FREE!
TOTAL EXPENSES ₱969.5 ($19.39)

Real, Quezon

Our one day escape in Reál is truly fun and worth it. Even on a tight budget and hectic schedule from our busy lifestyle, we were able to spend quality time with awesome friends and locals in Reál, Quezon. With proper planning and earmarking, we spent less than ₱1000 for this trip and it’s all worth it.

Real, Quezon

Did you find this post helpful? Share it to your friends now and start planning your one day vacation in Real Quezon! This post is updated on November 2, 2020.

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