Tasting the Best Lechon in Carcar City, Cebu


Filipinos love lechon! In almost every occasion in the Philippines, there’s always a crispy, tender and juicy lechon in every dinner table. Did you know that the province of Cebu is known as the Lechon Capital in the World? In fact, the late Anthony Bourdain (American chef and TV personality) acknowledged Cebu for having the best pig dish. So if you’re looking for one of the best in Cebu, then head on south and taste the amazing Carcar Lechon.

This post is updated on November 16, 2020. We added the new travel advisory from the provincial government of Cebu.

New Normal Guidelines in Carcar City Cebu

As of November 16, 2020, the whole Cebu island is open only for local residents and there are only a few tourist spots that are open. Please visit Cebu’s centralized booking site (https://discover.cebu.gov.ph) and find out the currently open tourist attractions in the island.

Always remember to travel safe and be safe. Be a responsible tourist by following the local safety guidelines and protocols.

Photo of Best Lechon in Cebu
Look at the crispy goodness of Lechon in Cebu!

A Brief History about Lechon

Lechon is a Spanish word which refers to roasting a suckling pig. It is done by seasoning the whole pig followed by slow roasting in a pit with blazing charcoal. The pig is attached in a pole and turned in a rotisserie fashion during the cooking process. With its crispy skin, tender and juicy meat, it is a delicious pork dish to die for.

This style of cooking came from Spain, and it’s being followed by their former colonies like the Philippines. Today, there are many varieties of lechon to try and the lechoneros of Cebu know very well on how to prepare and cook delicious lechon.

There’s Tatang’s Boneless Lechon (roasted pig belly to perfection), Rico’s Lechon (home of the original spicy lechon), CnT Lechon (noted as the crunchiest lechon), Zubuchon (declared as having the best pig ever by Anthony Bourdain), and Pelyn’s Lechon (sweet tasting lechon with a twist). If you’re looking for the tastiest yet affordable lechon available, then go to Carcar City!

Photo of South Bus Terminal in Cebu City
South Bus Terminal in Cebu City

The Tasty and Affordable Carcar Lechon

My friends and I visited Cebu and Bohol for 5 days. When we arrived in the Queen City of South, we never missed the chance of tasting the best lechon in Cebu. From Mactan Airport, we headed to South Bus Terminal in Cebu City and took a mini-bus going to Carcar City.

Photo of Carcar City Public Market in Cebu
Carcar City Public Market

We alighted at the rotunda of Carcar City and a few steps from the rotunda is the Carcar Public Market. Here, you will find the best tasting lechon without hurting your pocket.

Photo of Carcar City Public Market Lechon Section
They only sell lechon in this area!

There’s a section inside the market where you will find food stalls selling freshly cooked lechon. When we arrived in the area, I was amazed and entertained by the enthusiastic vendors. They provided free crispy skins and the taste is heavenly.

Lechon here is sold for only PHP 400 per kilo (USD 8/kilo). Since it’s noon time, we bought a quarter kilo of lechon for only PHP 100. We stayed inside Brenda Eatery located at the side of the food stalls, and had our sumptuous lunch of lechon with rice and mixed vegetables.

Photo of Best Lechon in Cebu
The vendors are busy serving one of the Best Lechon in Cebu!

The difference between Carcar City’s Lechon to the others in the province is the inclusion of pork drippings. During the cooking process, there’s a plate at the bottom of the roast catching all the drippings. The chopped lechon is mixed and served with the pork drippings making it tastier and fatter. Although Carcar City may have the tastiest lechon, just take caution when eating this dish especially for people with heart problems and hypertension.

With the mixed pork drippings, the lechon becomes juicier, a little bitter in taste yet more flavorful. Overall, this lechon is a two-thumbs up!

How to Go to Carcar City, Cebu?

Private Transportation

If you rent a car, then use navigation apps like Waze or Google Maps. Key in “Carcar City Public Market” and follow the directions.

Commute from Cebu City

Go to South Bus Terminal and take either a mini-bus or a regular bus going to Carcar City. In our case, we took a mini-bus going to Carcar City and the fare only costs PHP 50/person. Bus ride took around an hour depending on the traffic. Inform the conductor that you will alight in Carcar City Public Market.

We alighted in Carcar City Rotunda and from there, you can walk ahead going to Carcar City Public Market.

Photo of Best Lechon in Cebu

In Conclusion

Food plays a big role in culture and identity of a certain place. Your visit in Cebu will never be complete without tasting their crunchy lechon. If you’re looking for a tasty yet affordable lechon, then go to Carcar City Public Market and try one of the best lechons in Cebu.

What is your favorite lechon in Cebu? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Support our blog by sharing our content to your friends 🙂

This post is updated November 16, 2020.

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