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Photo of Baguio Night Market taken on November 28, 2021
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Baguio Night Market is an essential tourist attraction for this city on a mountaintop. As the day ends, a portion of Harrison Road becomes inaccessible, and hundreds of stores pop out. This night market offers many choices, from locally-made items to travel souvenirs that every shopper will genuinely love. Our team regularly visits this place, and here’s our updated travel guide and experience in Baguio Night Market.

Post Updated: September 24, 2023. We removed the travel restrictions since Baguio City is now open to tourists. We also updated the market’s schedule, contact number, and other important safety information.

Baguio Night Market Schedule 2023

The Baguio Night Market is open daily from 9 PM to 2 AM. You can visit this famous tourist spot beside the football field of Burnham Park on Harrison Road. Once arriving, be prepared for splurging to the market’s affordable buys and sumptuous food crawl.

What to Expect?


Photo of a woman preparing her store in Night Market

In the evening, Harrison Road becomes inaccessible to public and private vehicles. Vendors and merchants assemble their shops and lay their products in preparation for another busy night. As the clock ticks at 9:00 PM, the lively night begins. Our team regularly visits this place whenever we come to Baguio City, and we always have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Hundreds of Stores

Photo at Baguio Night Market in 2021

Hundreds of stores, locally known as “ukay-ukay,” are found in Baguio Night Market. Ukay-ukay is popular in the Philippines and contains primarily secondhand products or quality items sold at a cheaper price. Many people visit this place every night because of its affordability and wide range of choices.

Photo of a shop in Baguio Night Market

There are various items to buy in Baguio Night Market, which always attracts customers and travelers. Products offered here include bags, footwear, clothing, jewelry, kitchenware, and digital accessories. Moreover, there are souvenir items that you can also buy in this place.


Photo of scarfs and bonnets in Baguio Night Market

Another thing that people love about Baguio Night Market is its affordability. We bought some bonnets (beanies) for ourselves and some scarves as gifts for our friends. The scarves we bought were indigenous products from Sagada, Mountain Province. It is weaved meticulously with beautiful geometric patterns reflecting a native Cordillera design; we bought these scarfs for only PHP 100 each (Around USD 2.00)! Now that’s a great deal!

Hangry? No Problem

Photo of food stalls at Baguio Night Market

After spending hours shopping at Baguio Night Market, your tummy will growl, and you will feel hungry. No worries, because there are a lot of food stalls available in this place. They have burgers, barbeques, cold drinks, and many more. You deserve some good food after those hours of walking.

Security on the Marketplace

Photo of shoppers at Baguio Night Market

Though it is advisable to be cautious while going through the stalls, for the public’s safety, the stretch of the Market strip is manned by the Baguio Police Force. They also enforce the order and flow of the people coming in and out of the place.

Photo of shoppers

Baguio Night Market: Summary

Despite the past pandemic, this night market in Baguio City never fails to impress shoppers and travelers. Tourists around the country visit this place because of its affordability and the myriad of stores. Visiting this tourist spot for two hours is enough to enjoy the whole experience of shopping at night while savoring the cool mountain breeze, and experiencing this place is a must in your Baguio adventure.

For more info about this place, you can contact the tourism office of Baguio City through the following:

You can also visit our Baguio tourist spots or Baguio itinerary article to help you plan for your next visit to this beautiful city.

This post was originally published on March 10, 2018, and updated on September 24, 2023.

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