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Our day will never be complete without a good breakfast. This statement is true for almost everyone and breakfast buffets are a thing in the Metro. This kind of smorgasbord offers a wide range of options from sausages, omelettes, breads, and many more; at a certain price. While breakfast buffets are sprouting like mushrooms all over Manila, we now have a variety of choices at hand. (Updated: December 12, 2018)

Photo of Cafe Dominique in Quezon City Philippines

One Saturday morning, I was invited in Cafe Dominique in Quezon City to try their own breakfast buffet. Cafe Dominique is located at 42 Examiner St. West Triangle, Quezon City. The food place is seated in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, which provides a peaceful atmosphere perfect for easing the mind.

Photo of inside Cafe Dominique with people eating their breakfast

Inside the restaurant you’ll find a well-lit interior surrounded with glass panes and wood fusing modern design with a touch of nature.

Photo inside Cafe Dominique during their breakfast buffet

Cafe Dominique started their weekend breakfast buffet last November 4, 2017 as a new offer this holiday season, and this new hype spread like wildfire along the neighborhood. With their culinary expertise and fine-tune meals, Cafe Dominique provides a unique breakfast buffet like no other.

Photo of Cafe Dominique in West Triangle Quezon City

Photo of Cafe Dominique Quezon City breakfast waffles with chocolate porridge

Photo of Cafe Dominique Breakfast Buffet Meals

Cafe Dominique’s breakfast buffet starts at 7AM to 10AM, every Saturdays and Sundays. There will be new meals offered everyday ranging from soft and creamy scrambled eggs, sausages, meatballs, dried fish, fried rice, spam, bacon, bread, chocolate porridge and many more.

Photo Cafe Dominique in Quezon City offers unlimited waffles in their breakfast buffet

What’s unique about Cafe Dominique’s morning buffet is their unlimited breakfast waffles. You’ll surely going to love the aroma of their freshly cooked waffle with whipped cream on top and bathed with sweet syrup.

Photo of Breakfast waffles in Cafe Dominique in Quezon City

Photo of breakfast buffet in Cafe Dominique Quezon City

With this fine culinary goodness, it is amazing to know that all of these wonders cost only at PHP 199 (USD 3.98); a sure fit to your weekly budget!

Photo of different portraits inside Cafe Dominique in Quezon City

Visit Cafe Dominique in Quezon City this weekend, and start the tone of your day with their sumptuous holiday breakfast buffet.

Cafe Dominique


42 Examiner Street, West Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

Open Every

Mondays to Thursdays: 11AM to 10PM / Fridays: 10AM to 10PM / Weekends: 7AM to 11:00PM

For Reservations

Call 0906 405 6188

Follow them through their Social Media Accounts

Facebook/ Twitter / Instagram

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