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If you’re planning to visit the province of Benguet, then don’t forget to visit the famous Strawberry Farm Baguio. By the way, this tourist attraction is located in La Trinidad (the capital of Benguet), which is a few kilometers away from Baguio City. Visiting this beautiful farm is easy, and here’s our travel guide to help you out!

Current Update for Baguio Night Market

As of December 14, 2021: The La Trinidad Strawberry Farm is open only to registered visitors of Baguio City or Benguet. You can check our comprehensive travel guide going to Baguio City at this link:

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm is open every day, even on holidays.

Photo of Welcome Sign in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

The Strawberry Farm Baguio: La Trinidad’s Finest

Benguet is a high-altitude province located in the southern part of the Cordillera Administrative Region. The province’s cool climate and highlands are conducive to harvesting farm produce and fruits like strawberries.

Farm Irrigation in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

La Trinidad is the capital of Benguet. It is also known as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines due to its large plantation of luscious strawberries. The municipality is seated next to Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines, and visiting these hectares of colorful fields is easy.

Photo of a Farmer in La Trinidad Benguet

How to Go to Strawberry Farm Baguio

There are various options in visiting the Strawberry Farm Baguio; you can take a cab, ride a jeepney or bring your private vehicle.

For private vehicle owners, I recommend downloading Google Maps on your smartphone. This option is helpful in showing directions to La Trinidad Strawberry Farm. You only need a strong internet connection, though, in accessing the map. Worst case scenario, why not go and try asking our friendly locals? The people of Benguet are well known for their accommodating and friendly nature, making you feel at home around the province.

If you don’t have any private vehicle but have some extra cash, take a cab and tell the driver to drop you off in La Trinidad Strawberry Farms. Although the fare will be a little pricey, it will be more comfortable and more accessible for you to travel to this beautiful location.

For commuters who opted for a jeepney ride, here’s your guide:

From Baguio City

  • Take a walk and go to Shuntug Road (in front of Baguio City Hall).
  • From there, you’ll find a lot of jeepneys parked waiting for passengers.
  • Take a jeep with the signage “La Trinidad” and ask the driver to drop you off at La Trinidad Strawberry Farm.
  • The fare costs only PHP 11.25 per person (around USD 0.25) as of December 14, 2021.

What to Expect and Travel Tips

Strawberry Picking Baguio

Photo of a Farmer in La Trinidad

Travelers can pick strawberries on this farm. Just approach any farmer in the area, and they will assist you. They usually offer around PHP 250 to 400 (USD 5 to USD 8) for a kilogram of strawberries picked. It is a pleasant experience, and the farmers are eager to share some harvesting techniques. The best season for strawberry picking in La Trinidad is every March to April.

Bring Your Camera!

Photo of Flowers in La Trinidad

Never forget to take a snapshot of this place. Every part is picturesque. There’s also a variety of flowers in some areas in the field. Just donate a few coins before entering these flower sections on the farm, and you’ll enjoy capturing photographs of colorful foliage.

Visit the Farm in the Morning

Photo of La Trinidad Strawberry Farm Baguio

I think it is best to visit the strawberry farm in the morning. The sun’s golden light truly adds a glowing ambiance across the field, which is captivating. This is also the best time where farmers pick the freshest strawberries. Also, there are fewer people if you visit the farm early in the morning.

Try the Filipino-made Strawberry Ice Cream

Photo of Strawberry Ice Cream in Baguio

This is the best place to try the most delicious and flavorful strawberry ice cream. Their ice cream is creamy with a mixture of sweet and sour coming from fresh strawberries. You’ll never forget the flavorful explosion of their strawberry ice cream found here in La Trinidad.

Try the Popular Strawberry Taho

Photo of Strawberry Taho in Strawberry Farm Baguio

Taho is a soy-based Filipino snack made from silken tofu, usually topped with sago pearls (similar to tapioca pearls) and covered with arnibal (caramelized brown sugar syrup). In addition, their taho is drizzled with strawberry syrup topped with fresh strawberries.


We recommend visiting this strawberry farm in La Trinidad. You will enjoy the colorful fields and experience their sweet strawberries. Additionally, we are also helping the local farmers of this beautiful farm through tourism.

Common Questions about La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

Is there an entrance fee in strawberry farm Baguio? No. Visiting the strawberry farm is free!
When are they open? The strawberry farm is open every day, even on holidays!
Best strawberry picking season? Every March to April of the year
How much are the strawberries per kilo? PHP 250 to 400 per kilo (USD 5 to 8)

For more information about this place, you can contact the La Trinidad Tourism Office through the following:

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  • Hi Blaine
    Thank you for your article and patiently replies. It do help me a lot. I am going Baguio tomorrow with my family, to celebrate my son’s 4 years old birthday. We plan to go to the strawberry farm on 17th morning. He is so excited for it. Just wondering whether it’s already opened? 😭 Hope it opened already 🙏🏻

    • Hi Shirley, Yes! Open na daw ang strawberry farm pero for registered travelers lang in Baguio City. Naconfirm ko toh sa isang staff sa tourism office ng La Trinidad. Stay safe and enjoy your trip!

      • Thank you so much!!! This is really made our day! 🤩🤩 But I am sorry I don’t understand Tagalog. Wants to ask do we need to book before we going there?

        • Hi Shirley, no need to book. If you followed the registration process on the Visita Baguio website, then everything’s fine. Make sure to bring your tourist pass with you at all times. Have a safe trip!

  • Hi. Were planning to go on January 2022. May strawberry picking na po ba non? Thank you.

    • Hi Love, I spoke with someone in the tourism office of La Trinidad. Nasalanta sila ng bagyo recently daw and expected na kunti lang ang strawberries sa farm. Meron namang strawberry picking pero di ganun kadami. Thank you.

  • Are they open during January 1?

  • Is it okay to visit this November? I heard on that this was flooded because of typhoon. THanks

  • why is the title “strawberry farm baguio” bit is located in la trinidad which is a different municipality,

  • Hi! Do you know if the harvests are good In January? We’re planning to visit as well and would like to know if it is a good season. Thank you, and your blog is very useful. 🙂

    • Hello Anne, sorry for the late reply. The strawberry farm is temporarily closed to the public due to the pandemic. But based on my previous travels, January is a great time for harvest. Hopefully by next year, things are little better. I’m hopeful =)

  • Hi. Thank you for the info. We are planning to go to baguio on January 1. Do you know if they are open on that date? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hello Jenny, I am not sure though but I think they are open on that date. There are a lot of tourists who go up to Baguio during the holidays and for sure they will be open. ^_^

  • Hi!

    This is a very helpful blog for me as I am planning to go there for my daughter’s 6th birthday. I just a few question though,hope you don’t mind.

    How long does the strawberry picking take?
    Do you know if kids are free?

    Thank you so much for noticing and taking time to respond. 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting our blog Joanne. There are no entrance fee in the Strawberry Farm that’s why many families love visiting this place. Also, there’s no time limit for picking the strawberries. You’ll only pay for the strawberries per kilo that you harvested. 😊


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