Quick Getaway for less than ₱500: Pinto Art Museum (2019)

(Updated: January 8, 2019) Planning to satisfy your inner artsy cravings? Then Pinto Art Museum (also known as Pinto Art Gallery) is the right place for you. This museum contains a fusion of both classic and contemporary Filipino art with different expressions, stories and histories. It’s a perfect place for a quick getaway all for less than ₱500 and this blog post contains a simple travel guide to this beautiful art gallery!

Brief Details About the Gallery

Pinto Art Museum is an art haven in the mountains of Antipolo. It is owned by Dr. Joven Cuanang MD, a neurologist and art collector. This museum is the perfect place to delight your eyes with myriads of colorful paintings, murals and artworks. Your eyes will not just be satisfied, but you will also learn and discover the beauty of contemporary Filipino art from young to senior artists in the Philippines; it’s a perfect mixture of the old and the new.

As the name implies, Pinto simply means ‘door’ in Filipino language which reflects the architectural design of the entire museum. The museum is composed of different galleries and each gallery has its own theme, centerpiece, and hundreds of artworks. Just an hour away from Manila, this art haven in the mount is truly easy to get to.

Photo of Pinto Art Museum

The new wing, pinto art museum

Traveler sitting in Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum Schedule

Pinto Art Museum is open every Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Tickets are available at the entrance and prices may vary according to age.

Entrance Fee and Rates

A regular ticket costs at PHP 200 (USD 3.85), this includes a whole day tour around the art gallery. Special pricing are also available for senior citizens at PHP 180 (USD 3.46) and students with proper school ID at PHP 100 (USD 1.92). They also have a café (Pinto Cafe by Peppermill) inside the museum in case you get famished. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the premises of the museum.

Ticket Price (updated as of January 8, 2019)
Regular Ticket PHP 200/pax
Senior Citizens PHP 180/pax
Students with Proper School ID PHP 100/pax

For Prenuptial Shoots

Pinto Art Museum is also a great place for prenups. Couple’s photo shoot at the upper garden and lower garden (outdoor only) costs PHP 8,000 (USD 153.85); while the upper and lower garden, indigenous art museum, and gallery 6 (outdoor only) costs PHP 15,500 (USD 298).

Prenup Location Price (updated as of January 8, 2019)
Upper and Lower Garden (Outdoor Only) PHP 8,000
Upper and Lower Garden

Indigenous Art Museum

Gallery 6 (Outdoor Only)

PHP 15,500

Photo of Pinto Art Gallery

Tips at Hand

If you’re planning to visit this picturesque art gallery, read my handy simple tips.

photo of pinto art museum

Wear light yet good clothing

If you wished to visit Pinto Art Museum at daytime, make sure to wear light clothing. The artworks are placed inside clusters of Santorini-inspired white buildings and uses natural ventilation from its windows. It may get hot and humid especially at noon time so wearing light clothing is enough to keep you cool.

Photo of Pinto Art Gallery

Try visiting the art gallery during weekdays

We visited Pinto Art Museum on a Tuesday. As expected, the number of travelers were really few. You can freely roam around the area without experiencing any congestion. The museum is sometimes crowded especially on the weekend, so if you want less people around then try visiting the museum on a weekday.

Beautiful women in Pinto Art Museum

Bring your camera

From smartphones to mirrorless cameras, just bring it. Pinto Art Museum is totally Instagrammable at any angle which is why many couples choose this place for their prenup shoots. Just avoid using flash since it is not allowed inside the museum.

Ask for a guide

The paintings and artworks in Pinto Art Museum are complex. Asking for a guide is helpful in learning more behind every artwork that you will see. Ask the staff in the entrance and they are more than willing to assist on your needs.

photo of pinto art museum

Take your time

There are hundreds of art pieces in Pinto Art Museum. Do not rush everything. Take your time, relax, breathe and digest every artwork that you will see. Read its label and description and have fun in some interactive art. It took us almost 3 hours in exploring the whole place. Keep your chill and do not rush.

How to Go to Pinto Art Museum

Getting to this beautiful art gallery is easy. Pinto Art Museum is located inside a residential subdivision in Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines. For visitors with private vehicles, there’s a minimal entrance fee that you need to pay at the gate of this residential subdivision.

We recommend using Google Maps or Waze App on your smartphone and follow the directions until you reach the destination. For commuters, here’s your guide:

From LRT Line 2 Santolan Station, Pasig City

  • Take a jeepney ride from LRT Line 2 Santolan Station to Antipolo City Church. (Take the jeep with Antipolo Simbahan Sumulong Hi-way placard). Ask the driver to drop you off at Antipolo Church. Fare is PHP 25 (as of January 8, 2019)
  • Once at Antipolo Church, take a tricycle ride going to Pinto Art Museum.

From Cubao, Quezon City

  • Take an FX going to Antipolo Church. Ask the driver to alight you in Antipolo Church. (FX Terminal going to Antipolo City is located along Aurora Boulevard in Gateway Mall.)
  • Once at Antipolo Church, take a tricycle ride going to Pinto Art Museum.

From Robinson’s Galleria

  • Take a bus (G-Liner, Green Star or RRCG with placard stating Taytay) from Robinson’s Galleria to Tikling (Taytay, Rizal). Ask the bus conductor to alight you in Tikling.
  • From Tikling, take a jeepney with “Antipolo Simbahan” placard going to Antipolo Church.
  • Once at Antipolo Church, take a tricycle going to Pinto Art Museum.

From SM Megamall

  • There are available FXs in the area, take an FXs ride with Antipolo Simbahan placard and go to Antipolo Church.
  • Once at Antipolo Church, take a tricycle ride going to Pinto Art Museum.

Windows in Pinto Art Museum

Photo of Pinto Art Gallery

Sample Itinerary: Quick Getaway to Pinto Art Museum

Time Activity
0800H ETD LRT Santolan Station – Pasig City (Take Jeep to Antipolo Church)
0900H ETA Antipolo Church (Take a tricycle going to Pinto Art Museum)
0915H Start of Pinto Art Museum Tour (Take photos, explore and learn)
1230H ETD Pinto Art Museum (Take a tricycle going to Robinson’s Place Antipolo)
1245H ETA Robinson’s Place Antipolo
1245H – 1700H Lunch, Free time
1700H ETD Antipolo City (Take a jeep or FX going to LRT Santolan Station)
1800H ETA LRT Santolan Station

Triptych artwork pinto art museum

Trip Expenses

Jeep from LRT Santolan Station to Antipolo Church ₱25/person
Tricycle from Antipolo Church to Pinto Art Museum ₱50 for 4 persons = ₱12.5/person
Tricycle from Pinto Art Museum to Robinson’s Antipolo ₱50 for 4 persons = ₱12.5/person
Jeep from Robinson’s Antipolo to LRT Santolan Station ₱23/person
Entrance Fee ₱200/person
Others (Food, Entertainment) ₱200

Enjoy your weekend getaway, file a leave, plan ahead and visit this marvelous art museum. It’s time for you to learn and discover the beauty of our own art.

Photo of Pinto Art Gallery

Pinto Art Museum

Located at: 1 Sierra Madre Street., Grand Heights, Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines.

Contact number: (02) 697-1015 for Ticket Inquiry / (02) 633-0329 for Reservations

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Pinto.Art.Museum.officialpage/

Schedule: Open Every Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm.

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na excite tuloy ako pumunta sa Sept 14. masarap naman mga pagkain nila sa cafe?


Pinto is indeed a nice place for taking pictures and appreciating art. And true enough, you need to take your time if you’re visiting Pinto as every nook and corner has an art to offer. Too bad nga kasi nalowbat camera ko kakapicture diyan. That’s how nice the place is.


    Korek ka dyan, the last time I visited a museum before Pinto was like many years ago and seeing Pinto in person suddenly rekindled my interest for various kinds of art.


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