La Union Grape Farm: A Sweet Side Trip

Aside from surfing in the beaches of Elyu, there are other things that you can do and visit in this once-an-ordinary province. Why not visit the unique La Union Grape Farm located in the municipality of Bauang? This post will provide essential information, tips and travel guide in visiting the La Union Grape Farm. (Post Updated: December 28, 2018)

Photo of Grape Farm in La Union Philippines

A Little History of Lomboy Farms

La Union is also known for its large produce of luscious grapes. The question is, how do grapes thrive in such a tropical climate like the Philippines? All things are made possible from continuous research and hard work from the grape king of the PhilippinesMr. Avelino A. Lomboy. (Lomboy Farms, 2015)

It was back in the 1970s when viticulture, the study of grapes and its production, was introduced in the Philippines. The pioneer vineyards first started in the Visayas and Mindanao region; but due to disease epidemics and poor output in the area, these enterprises were ceased later on.

During 1972, Mr. Avelino A. Lomboy started planting his first 20 cuttings on his backyard. After years of various research and trial and error, the vines bore fruit and today most of the grapes are produced in La Union. (Lomboy Farms, 2015)

A Sweet Side Trip

After a few hours of long drive from Manila, I suddenly remembered that there were grape farms in La Union in which I saw all over social media. With the help of navigational apps, we made a side trip in Bauang, La Union before heading to Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel.

Upon arriving in the location along Manila National Road, there were plenty of guides waiting for guests and visitors. One young guide, tall with sun-kissed skin and a calm Ilocano feature, approached and helped us along the way. He presented us to the Gapuz Grapes Farm, one of the other main farms in La Union.

Photo of Gapuz Grapes Farm in La Union

After walking a few meters, we were greeted with hundred rows of vineyards in attractive green. As picturesque and sweet as it may seem, the highlights are found in its fruit – the charming ripe, sun-drenched, luscious grapes.

There were farmers tending the place when we visited and their greetings were as warm as the summer sun. They gave us few pieces of their produce and the taste were tangy and sweet.

Photo of Gapuz Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union

La Union Grapes Picking Season

La Union grape farm season happens during the months of March to May. The grapes were still desirable and truly delicious even though it was not on-season when we visited the farm.

The farmers also offered their exclusive grape and guyabano wine all produced in the farm. The grape wine was red in color and the taste was surprisingly fruity and sweet. The guyabano wine on the other hand had a potent piquant flavor in sweetish white color.

Photo of Grape and Guyabano wine in La Union

In exchange to the farmer’s congenial nature, we bought a couple bottles of their wine as pasalubong to our love ones in the metro. The small ones cost around ₱100 ($1.92) while the bigger bottles cost ₱200 ($3.85).

Photo of travelers visiting the grapes farm in Bauang, La Union

Visiting the La Union Grape Farm was really worth it. I will surely buy more produce for my family and friends if ever I’ll travel up north again. History were made from a small piece of cuttings with years of patience and arduous research and experimentation. A big salute to Mr. Lomboy for cultivating grapes in the country. Like what the saying goes, big things come from small beginnings.

La Union Grapes Farm

There are a number of grape farms found in Bauang, La Union and their location were pretty close to each other. Of all the farms available, we visited the Gapuz Grapes Farm.

How to go to Bauang, La Union from Manila?

Visiting the grapes farm of La Union from Manila is easy, here’s how: If you’re traveling with a private vehicle, then use the free navigational apps like Waze or Google Maps. Upon arrival in the location, there are guides waiting on the side of the Manila National Road. Ask assistance and they will surely help you.

If you’re going to commute from Manila, the best option is to take a bus ride from Partas in Cubao, Quezon City going to San Fernando, La Union. Bus fare costs ₱596 (as of December 28, 2018). Upon arrival in the bus station in San Fernando, take a jeep southward going to Bauang, La Union and tell the driver that you will alight in the grape farms. Jeepney fare costs ₱14.

On the other hand, you can also inform the bus driver that you will alight in the grape farms.

How much is the guide fee?

When we were escorted by our guide to the farm, I asked him for the guide fee. He just replied that he accepts any amount that we will give. We gave him ₱200 because of his honesty and kindness.

Are there any entrance fee in the farm?

There are no entrance fee in Gapuz Grapes Farm. You will surely buy a bunch of grapes and bottles of wine once you visited this place. This farm is open everyday from 0700H – 1800H.

For further information, you can visit the website of Lomboy Farms at You can also check the Facebook page of Gapuz Grapes Farm at

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Went here around March! No grapes at the time though which was sad but we enjoyed the wine tasting and bought a few bottles and also some cuttings. They haven’t grown yet though hehe.

I Love Paars by: Lee
September 14, 2017 6:54 PM

I’ve been here last year and luckily we’re able to meet Mr Lomboy himself. I love their Guaple farm din. Masarap din at ang lalaki pa


Viticulture, that is something new to me. The grapes and grape farm pictures are really beautiful. We would love to tour this place and buy lots of bottles of wine as we both enjoy wine.

September 14, 2017 3:54 PM

How was the wine?! Sweet or dry?! I am a wine lover and would love to try this one, the grapes look so fresh and beautiful. I really need to go to the Philippines, so many things to do and see there, what an amazing country.


When you said that it’s Gapuz farm, I wondered if it’s somehow related to my former officemate. She hails from La Union and her last name is Gapuz. I think seeing this post of yours is great timing because I have a friend who’s been wanting to take a trip to La Union. I wanna go see this farm for myself so I am going to suggest that we go here as a side trip. And I wanna taste the guyabano wine, never tried it before.


wow. I always pass by those vineyards whenever I am on my way to Urbiz Tondo. but never thought of stopping and checking them out. look interesting. and 100 php wine is a score!


Never been in a vineyard in the Philippines, but I’m not surprised we have that kind of farm in La Union. Great farms are in the north! Sometimes it makes me wanna move there :p


Literally the fruits of the efforts and determination of one man. The grapes grown in the tropical land of the Philippines must be indeed unique. Definitely a great and fresh experience in Philippines. Always love trips to vineyards, a great opportunity to get close to nature.


I had no idea that the Philippines had a wine growing area. It looks amazing!


The ripe grapes look so inviting 🙂 and the farm so green. Is it possible to apply for a volunteer work on these farms?


I love the concept of viticulture! Grapes and the wine look so enticing! Thanks for sharing!


Aw. Ang ganda! Napaka-picture worthy. The yellow green and pale purple colors of grapes gave off a very summer-ish vibe.


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