My First 30 Days in the USA

On our first episode of Filipinos in America, I shared the humble beginnings of my American journey, from my job application to the first 30 days in the United States. I invited two Filipino nurses, and we discussed their first impressions and experiences living in this land of milk and honey.

Episode 1: My First Four Weeks in the United States

Episode Notes from the Director: Everything has a beginning, and the first four weeks of this new journey impact the rest of the adventure. I made this episode to provide a bigger picture of our experiences, starting with my job application, visa interview, and arrival in the United States. The episode also explores the inner thoughts and emotions of every Filipino facing such life-changing events in the video.

Screenshot from Filipinos in America Episode 1: My first four weeks in the US
Screenshot from Filipinos in America Episode 1

Migrating to a new country is a bold decision to make. Filipinos travel to different countries because of better career opportunities, more financial gain, and improvement of their lives in general. I, for one, migrated to the United States for career growth and economic reasons. Nurses in the United States are paid more compared to the Philippines. Our profession is also more valued in the United States, and I never felt so respected and appreciated. These things matter; they helped me advance and seek new heights in my career. Unfortunately, these aspects are hard to find in the Philippines. Besides the low wages we receive, nurses in the Philippines are underappreciated and undervalued.

Takeaways from my First Four Weeks in the US

I would say that the first episode of our new series, Filipinos in America, is a success. We received insightful comments about the video, and most of our audience related pretty well to the content we shared. One of the takeaways from this episode is that every Filipino coming to the United States has different experiences. Some were joyful, and others were depressing. It’s an exciting new journey. However, we may have anxiety and worry about the future; overall, we are thankful that we are here.

Screenshot from an Episode in Filipinos in America: First four weeks in the US
Another shot from Episode 1 of Filipinos in America. Location: Houston, Texas, USA.

Please watch the video above to see the entire episode. You can also watch the first episode of Filipinos in America on our Youtube Channel here: Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you will not miss any new episodes.

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