Canto Bogchi Joint: Same Old Good Food in a New Corner

While we are in Baguio City, most of our time spent there was for eating. Funny as it sounds, but it is true.

Simply because Baguio food is irresistibly fresh, tasty in every bite, generous in serving quantity, and priced reasonably; the complete package everyone is looking for.

One of this is Canto Bogchi Joint. It may have a new spot near the city center (located at: Kisad Road, Burnham Legarda Road, Baguio City), but still have the same old menu people have been indulgent of; this includes the well-known, Lomo Ribs. Other items in the Canto Bogchi menu are chicken meals, salad, beef and pizzas.

Photo of lomo ribs in Canto Baguio

We ordered the bestseller whole slab of Lomo Ribs. The grilled pork ribs with homemade barbecue sauce that comes with cascade salad. In addition to that, we ordered 2 ala carte of mashed potato with gravy.

Photo inside Canto Bogchi Joint in Baguio

Inside the restaurant

The joint has a high ceiling inside, accented by white fans and yellow light bulbs; which creates a calming ambiance. Also, the wide clear windows allow the sunlight to naturally illuminate the whole place.

Photo inside the new canto bogchi joint in Baguio City

This new branch of Canto in Baguio is divided by a picket fence. This emphasizes the American touch of the whole diner. Furthermore, the steepness of Canto’s new location was taken advantage by this design, since it was converted into to leveled space.

Photo inside Canto Baguio restaurant

The tables and chairs show the rustic roots of this new location of Canto Bogchi. They are simple and minimalist. These can be moved to suit numbers of people from 2 persons up to a family sized group.

Photo of Canto Bogchi Joint facade in Baguio City

Turning to this corner (Canto)

After our chill moments in Arca’s, we came to Canto Bogchi Joint just in time to fill our tank with a sumptuous meal.

Photo of canto bogchi joint baguio

The establishment greeted us with the Canto signage, backed with the over-all white colored exterior. Its location is along the main road of Kisad, which made it perfect for welcoming guests.

I expected that this new branch of Canto houses good food, since people wait patiently for their turn in line. Yes, all the hearsays are true! It is worth the wait for the queue, and serving time is around 15 to 20 minutes.

The Lomo Ribs is at par along other ribs that fancy resto offers. It exceeded the satisfaction of my craving as it was complemented by mashed potato with gravy; incredibly luscious together!

Photo of Lomo ribs in Baguio City - Canto Restaurant

Never forget the salad! Nowhere else in the country offers the best vegetables other than in Baguio. Fresh leaves and fruits treat your taste buds from that “umay” factor, which is perfect after munching a huge chunk of grilled meat.

Canto Bogchi Joint: Quick Details

Address: 25 Kisad Road, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines, 2602

Hours: Mondays to Thursdays – 10AM to 9PM, Fridays to Sundays – 10AM to 10PM.


How to go to Canto Bogchi Joint?

Private Car – Waze your way to “Canto Bogchi Joint” or simply type in “Canto”.

Taxi – A wisest choice for commuters. Fare may vary depending on distance from pick up point. For us, we came from Arca’s Yard; so we paid more than PHP 100.

Feel good, think well. There is nothing to discount from this experience with Canto. Queue line can be long in busy days, but I assure you everything is worth it. Just like everything we have waited for, it will just come in the right time with a twist; exceeding what is the best that you have thought!

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