Toploading Kalinga Style

Weekly Vlog 001: Toploading Kalinga Style

Originally uploaded last June 3, 2017, this video shows our amazing experience riding a topload jeep from Tabuk City in Kalinga to Tinglayan. Visiting Buscalan Village, the hometown of Apo Whang Od, is not a joke. You have to travel a total of 16 hours from Manila and is further divided into three sections. Nine hours of bus ride, five hours of top load jeep and two hours of hike!

Top load jeep ride in Kalinga

If you think the 9-hour bus ride is already taxing, well the journey is not yet finished and the adventure is just about to start. Riding on top of a monstrous jeep while braving the slithering roads of this mountainous province is an authentic adrenalin-rush experience.

A top load Jeep in Kalinga

The experience is a mixture of both fear and amazement. You’ll see the grandeur of Cordillera mountain range, deep ravines, tall trees and green rice terraces all over. The people of Kalinga were also amazing. They have a vibrant culture and most norms are still being lived up until today. Watch out our first weekly vlog below:

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